Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Plaid Tribute to Winter

Galstudio's Winter Cycling Caps.

Winter arrived early to Galstudio.

I was fortunate to find very nice winter fabric this summer at my suppliers. Plaid that is. Three models are back & I've added two new caps for now.

Plans are to add a few more models within the next month. I'm thinking something a bit more neutral. Today, I call it my plaid tribute. I can't get enough of it. I think it's due to my Scottish roots. I love plaid. You know, these caps would also look in place amongst fox hunters in England. Something we would never do growing up in Quebec. How about urban hunting on wheels. Sounds less violent.

The two new winter cycling cap's are from top left to right: Galibier & Lombardia. Of course, Richard named them with the context of two very famous names in cycling. Galibier is the French mountain & Lombardia is a famous classic race in Italy. Three caps are back this season: Bobet (center), Grand Fusil (bottom left) & Gentleman (bottom right).

It's always fun to work on new caps for the upcoming season. Takes the chill out of winter!

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