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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thumbs Up at the MEC Bikefest!

Yesterday, Richard and I wondered if the weather was ever going to change from the grey rainy start of the MEC Bikefest

We set up with the rest of the vendors at 9:15AM dressed for the cool drizzle. It's June and even Richard was dressed in layers still shivering. I had three layers on and with the wind off the water, I wished I had my polar fleece.

I am so grateful that MEC Coordinator/Marketplace, Stephanie Ruane sent us an invitation for this fun event. It was indeed fun. I can imagine if the weather cooperated. By midday, the weather did clear up and the sun peeked through the clouds to help dry up the rain. Special thanks go out to the MEC staff/volunteers for putting on a fun show and so good to see so many people out enjoying themselves ...rain or shine.

We worked hard at presenting a good looking display. And it worked! This was only our second show and considering the weather, we can say it was extremely successful.

I met a french speaking woman, Agathe who works at MEC as a customer service representative. It was very refreshing to speak in French and I never knew MEC offer a bilingual customer service.

It was good for us to be among cycling interested folks. We had valuable feedback from cyclists. Our Galstudio brand is slowly starting to be recognize in  the cycling community.... we look forward to be back next year!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bonne Fête Québec!

Today is St-Jean Baptiste Day in Québec.

A provincial holiday celebrating the Québec culture. I am proud to be a Québecoise and although I live in British Colombia, I definitely identify with my roots. I miss my culture and I miss speaking French.

My friend Jean sent me this video this morning. All about Québec, the passion, the hardship and the strength of the Québecois. I plan to listen to Quebecer music all day and raising my glass to my proud culture.

So on this special day... Je Me Souviens!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

DIY Mustard

I had no idea that mustard is so easy to make.

After watching this easy to make video I feel so inspire to make my own. Now, the challenge is to find good mustard seeds it's THE important ingredient. If you find the best seeds thus you make a top mustard. And, of course, you cannot deny the importance of good white wine. It's a must in mustard.

I'm a mustard kind of girl. I've tried so many kinds but always come back to my favorite, Grey Poupon. It's probably the best quality for the price.

Now, I'm on the hunt for good mustard seeds... next grocery trip!

My overall favorite!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Bike Month

Today is June 1st.

And the weather, is a beautiful 14 C Spring day and I feel there's hope yet, for Summer. June is Bike Month here in Vancouver. There's quite a few of bike activities for the month. Here's a just a few: Velopalooza, Car Free Day (June 19th), & MEC Bikefest (June 25th).

Yesterday, Richard and I helped Karen with the June Bike Month window display at Bird On A Wire Creations. Richard took the opportunity to use his retro fun 1984 Team Pinarello wool cycling jersey, looking very nice. Special thanks go to Nic & Jamie of Super Champion Cycle Shop for their beautiful bicycle. The window would not be the same without their bicycle. It's stunning. And, I would like to thank Karen (Endure Upcycled Designs) for the great 'I love Bikes' banner.

Richard has three cycling art framed prints for sale. And, we will be back as the Artists in the Window this Saturday (11-4) producing another handmade cycling cap. He will also have on hand his portfolio of cycling art prints for everyone to look at, too.

I'm not exactly sure which cap to make; the Ventoux or the Espress O. I'll have to decide very soon. Hooray for June Bike Month!