Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finding the artist... within

This phrase touches me...

I'm inspired by the article by Scoutiegirl, "You are already an artist". It hit home. This reaffirms that I am an artist and that I create everyday.

As a young girl I was always making things. In college, I took my first art class thinking it would be an extrordinary experience. The teacher was someone I looked up to, a  recognized sculptor/drawer. But, during midway through the semester, she told me that if I wasn't serious about learning the basics of drawing I wouldn't go far in art. She was trying to teach us the 'perfect' proportion in drawing a human face. I wanted to discover how to draw from a live model. She was too technical for me. So I quit, thinking that I would never have what it takes to become an artist. I was young and lacking self-confidence I took what she said to heart. So, I change my major to business administration.

Later on, I was bored working for too many years in the special events industry. I started to question my career choice. One of my friends, convinced me to redirect my career path into art. I thought she was over the top so I decided to take a class called, introduction to art. It sparked me, I was blown away. Afterwards, I realize that my place was in an art school environment. So I enrolled and for four years I learned what it is to be an artist.

I'm touched with that phrase, "A beautiful thing is never perfect." Perfection for me use to be black and white. How boring is that? Nothing is more varied than quirkiness. In life, we are surrounded with beauty. It does not need to be perfect you just need to appreciate it for the pleasure it gives you.

Today, I don't ask myself anymore whether I'm an artist or not. Because the important thing that matters most is to go out and create. Because... to create is to be!

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  1. oh my, but can i relate to this! having been utterly humiliated by an art teacher, at an early age, i was convinced that i had absolutely no creativity anywhere in my soul. took me 40 years to undo that belief.
    huzzah! for you for finding out sooner, even if it took a while to get back to it.
    and besides, perfection is a myth!