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Monday, March 21, 2011

Bloom-ing in Ft. Langley

Springing towards the Fort Langley Community Hall

Sunday was a perfect Spring day. Richard and I drove to Ft Langley to see the Bloom Market. A handmade market from 40 independent artists selling their one-of-a-kind items.

Ft. Langley is outside of Vancouver providing a mix of urban and rural eye candy on the banks of the Fraser River. This was the first time, for both of us, to visit Ft. Langley. It's an old village that is beautifully restored. We even saw a train go through the middle of the town adding to the quaintness.

We were eager to see our friend Helene and her husband Graham as vendors. Musician, Graham Walker makes and sells his own children's music CDs. Helene sells her fine handmade garments for: children, men & women.

It was fun and exciting but we're not convince if this is a market for us. There's so many artisan markets blooming everywhere that we have to take our time and pick the right one!

The kids are loving Grahams' music.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quest for the Orangeman

I'm happy that the Orangeman is back!

We sold out on the Orangeman Cycling Cap last November, and I'm happy to present the new & improved Orangeman Cycling Cap!

The fabric is thinner and more comfortable than it's predecessor. The new version is made from cotton/polyester twill and 100% natural cotton trim.

This was a long quest that lasted awhile, around four months. I hate it when fabric suppliers don't renew their stock thinking that bright colors only sell in the Summer. My quest is actually half done. I'm still looking for the three color Dutch stripe.

I've exhausted my limited resources around town, now I'm ready to go outside Vancouver on a road trip.Tomorrow we'll check it out and go to Port Coquitlam to check out Fabricana's notion sale. Cross my fingers!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Early teaching days & two new projects

 Le Cowl

There's always time to knit. Or should I say crochet. I just finished a big cowl (above) & a knitted scarf (below).

I don't remember when I crochet something so big. The largest project I made lately are dishcloths. Although, when I was young I was crocheting more than I was knitting. I was in grade 4 and Madame Pinard was my teacher. She always gave us 1 hour free time at the end of the day. Call it down time.

I suggested to her that it would be fun to gather students to crochet. I was making my mother a blanket and this gave me the opportunity to work in secret at school. It was a surprise. I remember the colors: four squares sewn together mostly black with accents of teal, purple & yellow. Even now, when I think about it those colors were dynamite. I bet that one of my family members has it in their Québec cabin.

My classmates thought the idea was fun, too. Their was five girls involved including one boy. I actually helped them all in their Christmas projects. After Christmas, it ended lasting for one term. It was short and intense and a lot of fun. It was an experience that I will always remember showing people my love for crochet. It was my first teaching experience.

I finished a similar scarf (last posted here
so comfortable that I wear it everyday.
So, I decided to make this one for sale!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Celebrating our new Paris-Roubaix cycling cap!

Richard wearing the new Galstudio...
Paris-Roubaix Cycling Cap!

Today is the 2nd anniversary of Galstudio's very first cycling cap sale. It's hard to believe it's two years ago. And, to celebrate we're proud to introduce our Paris-Roubaix Cycling Cap!

French Tricolore detail...
Vive le France!
Images: Galstudio

When I first discovered Etsy, my ambition was to sell my knit goods. Here are some stats. That was November 2008. By March, 2009 Richard suggested that cycling caps will sell. I listed my first cycling cap in mid march, a few days later it sold in the United States.

That was my first sale on Etsy and I knew that my cycling caps would be popular. This was the first step for Galstudio to become a platform to sell cycling caps. When Richard came on board, last year, it became our real business.

My very first cycling cap was called Paris-Roubaix. It took me many hours to develop it. Richard was picky with the design, he said, “It just had to look and fit right.” The cycling cap had to sit comfortably on top of the head. It's not a baseball cap. So, I had to make a mock up design... many of them. I chose the fabric a classic brown/beige plaid. I haven't seen a cycling cap like it before. I had purchased enough fabric for two caps. And, both sold right away.

Now, I like to bring back the name and a new cycling cap. I love the name Paris-Roubaix, and I'm so excited to present it as a 3 panel cap with a new feature; 2 bold black stripes for that racy feel. Richard's idea was the French tricolore and my idea was the placement of that splash of color. I think it works elegantly well.

After close to a thousand caps made, I’m so happy how Galstudio’s cycling caps have evolved. I feel that, with this new Paris-Roubaix, I’m bringing the cycling cap to the world of haute couture!