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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hommage to Gilles Carles

Famous Quebec filmmaker, Gilles Carles left us yesterday, we will remember him always!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Winter Cycling Caps

Here is the complete collection of winter cycling caps for 2009 /2010. Seven caps in all, plaid is a must this winter at galstudio with lots of houndstooth. My customer favorite so far is "Winter with Bobet cycling Cap" but I have a feeling that they might all be really popular.

Friday, November 20, 2009

My funky Laptop Tube's made especially for your Macbook

Take a look at my newest product!

I have been really busy lately making winter cycling caps and developing this fantastic new product for my Etsy shop. The Idea came from a request from Richard who just receive an early christmas present ... a new macbook! Wow somebody was nice this year!

He wanted to keep his new baby protected, so right away I thought why not make a larger version of the Recycled Piccollo Pouch.

I just love the result. It's water repellent with all that recycled inner tube on the outside. With a heavy zipper to keep his Macbook securely in place and a felt inner lining and a hidden fleece sandwich in between, to give it extra padding.

The best part about these Laptop Tubes is that it gives me a larger surface to unleash my creativity, unlike the Piccolo Pouch where I had to keep the overstitch design really simple.

I see many Laptop Tube's being created in the near future!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

See me on Etsy's Treasury!

Check it out!

My "Winter with The Gentleman Cycling Cap" is posted on Etsy's Treasury list under the Playful Plaid.

I am so happy to see my cap fitting in just right amongst all that plaid.

You gotta love Plaid!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reversible knitting with Addi

Wow! I didn't know nothing about reversible knitting before this book but now I feel confident to take on any reversible project. You will find in this wonderful book great project's for beginner to more advance knitter. Every technique is explained clearly including; drawing's, full frame photo's as well as close-up of swatches showing both sides of the design. The only negative point I could find in this book is the bland choice of color, nothing here gets the WOW! factor for color. I almost never follow a pattern suggestion of yarn and color, this book is crying out to let your imagination run wild considering all the different patterns in your own color palette.
As soon as I picked up this book I knew I wanted to knit something right away. I decided on the "Double Take" neck warmer because it looked simple enough for a first project. I couldn't wait to try my new Addi Turbo and I had some left over of black & gray 100% wool.
The Addi are the best ever circular needle I have ever knit with. The are not call "Turbo" just for fun they actually mean business. Be aware when you try Addi Turbo for the first time, at first you might feel a little by dizzy, it's OK you're just not use to the speed of it! I bet your overall knitting ability will improve too!

Just a few more row's before I finish. I love the nice thickness obtain by the double knit. It's a little bit warm for the mild Vancouver weather, oh well, I could offer it on my Etsy shop!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Elvis rockin' in the house!

Sewing inner tubes has become a passion of mine. I love working with this found material. Although it's been extremely hard to figure out the right combination to use for the thread, the needle and the tension. I'm enjoying the process of trying to push the limit on my late '70s Singer Fashionmate sewing machine.

I just love the new fabric for the inside pouch. Here is Elvis rockin' (above) and the Canadian inspired moose print below. Notice my newly designed label made from inner tubes.