Friday, September 24, 2010

Adieu! Textile Clearance House.

Today, is a sad day for me. I'm back from one of my favorite fabric suppliers and learned that they are closing for good by the end of December. I talked to one of the nice ladies that cut fabric and she said that after 35 years, Textile Clearance House, will be closing their doors. I was in shock.

What was I going to do? Where was I going to go for discounted fabrics and notions? I thought where would all the women go for decently priced fabrics? For a big city like Vancouver, we don't have many choices. Only one left, Dressew, that deals only with cash. Not always good for a small business.

I'm already considering checking online. But, obviously if I can't find affordable material I might have to charge more for my caps. On the other hand, this may allow me to find other suppliers with more choice. In the long run it might prove beneficial, so I remain optimistic!


  1. I just visited the TCH and heard about the close out. I'm definitely going to stock up before they close out. FYI, Dressew now accepts debit!

  2. I'm going to stock up too. I think my next best supplier is Fabricana. Check them out when they have a sale!