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Friday, September 24, 2010

Adieu! Textile Clearance House.

Today, is a sad day for me. I'm back from one of my favorite fabric suppliers and learned that they are closing for good by the end of December. I talked to one of the nice ladies that cut fabric and she said that after 35 years, Textile Clearance House, will be closing their doors. I was in shock.

What was I going to do? Where was I going to go for discounted fabrics and notions? I thought where would all the women go for decently priced fabrics? For a big city like Vancouver, we don't have many choices. Only one left, Dressew, that deals only with cash. Not always good for a small business.

I'm already considering checking online. But, obviously if I can't find affordable material I might have to charge more for my caps. On the other hand, this may allow me to find other suppliers with more choice. In the long run it might prove beneficial, so I remain optimistic!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finding the artist... within

This phrase touches me...

I'm inspired by the article by Scoutiegirl, "You are already an artist". It hit home. This reaffirms that I am an artist and that I create everyday.

As a young girl I was always making things. In college, I took my first art class thinking it would be an extrordinary experience. The teacher was someone I looked up to, a  recognized sculptor/drawer. But, during midway through the semester, she told me that if I wasn't serious about learning the basics of drawing I wouldn't go far in art. She was trying to teach us the 'perfect' proportion in drawing a human face. I wanted to discover how to draw from a live model. She was too technical for me. So I quit, thinking that I would never have what it takes to become an artist. I was young and lacking self-confidence I took what she said to heart. So, I change my major to business administration.

Later on, I was bored working for too many years in the special events industry. I started to question my career choice. One of my friends, convinced me to redirect my career path into art. I thought she was over the top so I decided to take a class called, introduction to art. It sparked me, I was blown away. Afterwards, I realize that my place was in an art school environment. So I enrolled and for four years I learned what it is to be an artist.

I'm touched with that phrase, "A beautiful thing is never perfect." Perfection for me use to be black and white. How boring is that? Nothing is more varied than quirkiness. In life, we are surrounded with beauty. It does not need to be perfect you just need to appreciate it for the pleasure it gives you.

Today, I don't ask myself anymore whether I'm an artist or not. Because the important thing that matters most is to go out and create. Because... to create is to be!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

This Winter: Most Wanted Scarfs!

I sew everyday. But, I also knit. It's a need for relaxation & fun. And, knitting allows me to showcase my one-of-a-kind pieces on my Etsy shop.

Last year I place my knitwear for sale and almost sold out. By December most of my knitwear sold so I got back into it aiming for twenty scarfs. I'm constantly surprise when I finish a project put it away and forget them only to rediscover them later. It's a fun moment. Some of them I haven't seen in eight months. Due to time constraints & the fact that I'm currently knitting more socks than scarfs, I won't be able to reach it but I'm knitting away and bound to have a few more scarfs soon.

Scarfs are great knitting projects. They're small enough to keep costs down, quick to finish and allow me to explore with different stitches. I enjoy it and for the simple fact that it allows me to zen out. Sometimes, I find inspiration from books. But most of the time I don't follow it and end up using different size needles & yarn sizes just to see how far I can push the design. It's exciting how a stitch can look so different just by changing the needle & yarn.

I present my six dazzling scarfs (above) for sale now in my Galstudio Etsy Shop!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Ok, I guess everyone was out this Labor Day weekend. No one participated in my free scuola pouch contest.

Well, now I have a Rubber Sale. A what sale you may ask? On Galstudio's Etsy Site I have the sale on my handy little wallets, piccola & scuola pouches. Take advantage of this huge sale... for a limited time!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun with Belts

The Pac Man Inner Tube Belt.

Bicycle inner tubes are so fun to work with. A short while ago I was approached to make a inner tube belt for a birthday present. I was supplied with a very fun Pac Man buckle (above). I've never attempted to make a belt before and I looked forward to the challenge.

It's always challenging to make something new. But, that's what is so fun about it. It showed me how versatile rubber is and that there's still plenty of room to learn & explore. It was fun sewing the overstitch and picking out the vibrant orange fabric. Very colorful & electric. I think it turned out very well and the customer was extremely happy.

As soon as this one was done, my old friend Joey wanted one made. Well as you can see it's more in a classic style. He hasn't seen it yet. I won't see him for a few weeks as he's on vacation. I think he'll be pleasantly surprised!

The Plaid Inner Tube Belt.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Free Scuola for School!

Scuola is back!

I started to make my Piccola pouch for awhile now and people love it. Customers have asked for a longer version to hold glasses & pencils. People have ask me to customize it to their size requirements. I produced 10 new pouches called, 'Scuola pouch'. I just sold 3 in the first week. So, I went back to making more.

Living close to a school, I'm ready to hear the kid's run past my patio door for another year. I enjoy the familiarity of the kid's as they run past screaming & laughing. I don't have kid's of my own but I enjoy hearing them. You might say school is back. And, I thought it was the perfect idea to offer a Scuola Pouch for Galstudio's Labour Day Back to Scuola Contest. Scuola is Italian for school.


Leave a comment on Galstudio's Facebook page. And share one favorite moment when you went to school.

On Tuesday September 7th, I will choose the Scuola pouch from my new collection. And, the winner will be chosen by

Thanks for entering & good luck to all!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Plaid Tribute to Winter

Galstudio's Winter Cycling Caps.

Winter arrived early to Galstudio.

I was fortunate to find very nice winter fabric this summer at my suppliers. Plaid that is. Three models are back & I've added two new caps for now.

Plans are to add a few more models within the next month. I'm thinking something a bit more neutral. Today, I call it my plaid tribute. I can't get enough of it. I think it's due to my Scottish roots. I love plaid. You know, these caps would also look in place amongst fox hunters in England. Something we would never do growing up in Quebec. How about urban hunting on wheels. Sounds less violent.

The two new winter cycling cap's are from top left to right: Galibier & Lombardia. Of course, Richard named them with the context of two very famous names in cycling. Galibier is the French mountain & Lombardia is a famous classic race in Italy. Three caps are back this season: Bobet (center), Grand Fusil (bottom left) & Gentleman (bottom right).

It's always fun to work on new caps for the upcoming season. Takes the chill out of winter!