Thursday, September 9, 2010

This Winter: Most Wanted Scarfs!

I sew everyday. But, I also knit. It's a need for relaxation & fun. And, knitting allows me to showcase my one-of-a-kind pieces on my Etsy shop.

Last year I place my knitwear for sale and almost sold out. By December most of my knitwear sold so I got back into it aiming for twenty scarfs. I'm constantly surprise when I finish a project put it away and forget them only to rediscover them later. It's a fun moment. Some of them I haven't seen in eight months. Due to time constraints & the fact that I'm currently knitting more socks than scarfs, I won't be able to reach it but I'm knitting away and bound to have a few more scarfs soon.

Scarfs are great knitting projects. They're small enough to keep costs down, quick to finish and allow me to explore with different stitches. I enjoy it and for the simple fact that it allows me to zen out. Sometimes, I find inspiration from books. But most of the time I don't follow it and end up using different size needles & yarn sizes just to see how far I can push the design. It's exciting how a stitch can look so different just by changing the needle & yarn.

I present my six dazzling scarfs (above) for sale now in my Galstudio Etsy Shop!

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