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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wow, Saturday already!

You know this week went too fast, I was going to show you the fantastic Fruit Pie I made last weekend. Well here it is anyway...

Shortbread crust, cream Pâtissière filling, strawberry and black berry glaze with black currant jelly.

This is the first creative step towards making an inner tube pouch...

I just love the process to choose the fabric, zipper and the thread. It's a great way to utilize all those little pieces of fabric too small for anything. I found this old thread in my stash. I really don't know when I bought that!

I want more of this @ $.30 thread!

I've been looking around for awhile now, to find the perfect bobbin holder. It's always too small, too pricey, never holds each bobbin individually. I was frustrated with the unraveling thread while changing bobbin at least twenty times to match the color of my pouch. It's not the best looking but it does the job just fine, no more tangle bobbins! I filled it up so fast I guess I have to make another one.

Cheapest, most efficient bobbin holder made from reclaimed foamcore.

Ta-da! I finished all my new recycled Picollo Pouches.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Mary Maxim Memories...

I was born in a small community in northern Quebec, and like most families we didn't speak one word of English. My mother had no problems figuring out the patterns and just by looking at the image, knitted many wonderful Mary Maxim sweaters. As long as I can remember my mom had a sweater on her needles. I don't quite remember where she got the wool or the pattern's but it was always there in my childhood. A fond memory. Everybody in my extremely large family received at least one finished jacket. It was a ritual, my mom would choose the family member, and they would sit down and choose from the catalogue. I don't know how long she would spend on a jacket but she made many each year. Talking about love for your craft!

My mom was the worst knitting teacher. I even had to threaten her to teach me a garder stitch. Well, the threat was minor but the dinner was late that evening. I was around four years old!

Too my surprise, my oldest sister told me that she had saved all the pattern's after my Mom passed away, twelve years ago. My sister sent me this special package, a few days ago, and I was surprised to recognize my own handwriting along with my Mom's on those old patterns. I wished my Mom had recorded who received which sweater. Here are some of the oldest pattern's...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Orders up!

Twenty caps down, twenty to go...

Friday, August 14, 2009

On the board today, bookbinding & breadmaking.

One might think that making bread and making a book is not the same, I would argue this, for me it's all the same. It's all about creating with your hands and your heart.

All by hand...

I take my bread making really seriously, no bread machine or mixer with dough hook can compare to the ritual of making bread by hand. The choice of the flour, the mix of different grains, feeling all the ingredients coming alive under your hands, kneading the dough, rising the dough again, kneading the dough once again, baking and tasting the fist piece of warm bread with butter... what a joy!

Book in the making...
Bookbinding is also a great way to express my creativity. I usually gather material days even weeks before I begin any real work. When I have enough material, only then, I place every thing on my table and let the ideas form in my mind. By assembling the different items I begin slowly to see the finish book. Usually I will leave an unfinished book on my working table, I realized that by allowing more time for my ideas to mature I can see clearly the finish book. From that point I can already feel the book in my hand, the texture of it's cover, the extension of the closing strap, the weight of the paper... what a great feeling!

Ready to go on my galstudio shop!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welcome to Galstudio Blog!

I'm so excited to launch my new Galstudio blog. My husband has nagged me for months on end to start blogging. So, without further delay here it is!

I'll be sharing some of my creative processes, craft ideas, thoughts, rants & new products developing for sale on my Esty shop.

Like today, I went over to see Tracy (Jett grrl bike studio) to ask her for more tire tubes. And, you know, she gave me some. She's become my official rubber supplier!
I also found a jackpot. I bought over 50 zippers,I don't know exactly what I'll do with it. These are the strong plastic type, I just couldn't resist!

My messy table!