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Monday, April 23, 2012

Lace 2 Ways

Project #3,
Orange Shawl

This is not the first time I've knitted this pattern...

I enjoy this pattern so much that I knitted two pieces that sold at the last Christmas Make It Show. Now, this is project 3 and 4.

As I rummaged through my yarn stash I found this rich orange fingering wool. Right away, I wanted to make this lace shawl. 

Shawl or scarf!

I was having so much fun, I knitted this shawl in no time. Call it warp speed. So, back to the yarn stash and I discovered a left-over of a yellow/gold mohair. Not quite enough to make anything, but it would work well together with another left-over yarn I had.

I'm very happy to see how the colors mixed and how the textures work well together. Finishing it with a few rolls of just mohair completes this beautiful ready to wear, luxurious scarf!

These two will be on sale at the next Make It Show in November!

Project #4,
Mohair mixed with a 
fingering yarn worn as scarf...

worn as shawl.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kamut/Flax Bread for Roubaix Sunday.

My Kamut/Flax Bread, Yum!

Our friend, Duane, gave us a supply of organic kamut grain and I decided use it in my bread recipe.

Kamut is higher in potassium and protein over wheat flour and I added flax seeds to further fortify it. I made it so Richard and I can enjoy toast with plenty of coffee for Sunday's early wake up call (5 AM) for the Paris-Roubaix classic race!

The famous Arenberg Forest quietly waits!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Singer Fashion Mate 257 Free Manual

This is the fun cover to the Fashion Mate 257 cover.

When I first wrote this post on my Fashion Mate 257, I would never have guess how popular this post has become. I'm amazed that I'm still getting comments, since posting the article way back in 2009.

I know I had the manual during my Fashion College days, in my twenties. Somewhere between that time and over twenty-five moves that brought me across Canada, it was lost. 

You can find this manual online for a price, but, why would you do that? When you can download it for FREE!

Here, directly from the Singer webpage is the Fashion Mate 257 manual...

I want to thank everyone for their comments and stories (don't stop it's so enjoyable to read the comments) and I'm so excited that you all are enjoying the Fashion Mate as much as I do!

Happy sewing!