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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back... with a Red Pom Pom

I've decided to return ...and keep the Galstudio blog going!

I did not feel comfortable to keep the cooking and knitting adventures on the Red Dots Cycling Blog.

I'm happy to say that Galstudio will be my own personal blog... all things I also love to do. Looking back, this blog is like a journal of all my beautiful knit stuff. Often, it's hard to remember everything that I've made.

So this is my latest creation...

Simple Scarf with Red Pom Pom.

I discovered, from my stash, this thick 100% wool. Usually I prefer fingering yarn. But I happen to have this fabulous two-tone wool, I had to use it.

I didn't follow a pattern, I ad lib and created this scarf from a simple k1 p1 and finished with a point. It needed a little accent to make it more fun...

OMG, I haven't made pom pom's since grade six!

Off I went to make Pom Pom's. You can find how to make them online. I was stumped as to what size to make them. My first attempt was way too large, then I made them too small.

Third try ... this time right, I made them the right size. 

I love this design, a scarf I would wear. It will be going into my sale stock at the next winter craft show.

I'm very happy to be back sharing all my creative endeavors. In fact, I already cast on for a pair of socks... Stay tune!

Pom pom size matters!