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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Rubber Traveler

The one of a kind
rubber inner tube custom bag with recycled
pop bottle felt liner... 

I just made a 'custom special bag' for one of my friend's who's off to Thailand next month. He's requesting a bag with adjustable detachable straps for his Netbook.

If you remember, I used to have a laptop sleeve made of recycled rubber inner tubes on my Etsy shop. The bag is a cross between my SoMa iPad Envelope  and the Laptop Tube.

This Netbook has specific dimensions: 10 1/2 X 7 1/2 inches tapered at the front (1/2" thinner at the front).
The rubber is inconsistently crooked to begin with, difficult to have a completely flat sheet. It's not perfect.
And the only way for me to figure it out is to make a 3D model in foam core.

As much as I love to work with rubber, it is challenging to work with. I find that I can't impose my ideas onto it. Often the first idea changes. I have to constantly adapt my design to follow the natural movement of the material. But when it works, it's fabulous.

I'm very happy with this design. I love working with the imperfections of the rubber. I'm in the zen of sewing taking a flawed material working with it to make a wonderful final product!

Velcro closure...

First time I used metal clasps!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Artist's In The Window: The Return

Remember the first time I was the Artist in the Window? That was last January 29th.

Well, Richard and I was eagerly back and making our famous Polka Dots cycling cap. Yesterday, we were the Artist(s) in the Window at Bird on a Wire Creations. It's such a great idea that Karen welcomes different artists every Saturday to show their craft.

It's nothing liken to a handmade show where you feel like you have to perform to sell your artwork. Depending on the show, you don't always have enough time to share with clients. I like this hands on approach where the main emphasis is engaging with the public. Of course, sales are good too! This is where Richard shines. His fountain of cycling knowledge is advantageous. I believe with Richard, that he presents an non-threatening aspect. Cycling guys feel comfortable enough to enter into a crafty handmade store without their girlfriends! In fact, a father with baby girl stopped in to chat with Richard and to buy a cycling cap.

Richard is now selling his Cycling Art Cards at
Bird on a Wire Creations!

The sun was not there but plenty of people showed up. We learned from a bike mechanic of a newer bike store to check out around Hastings & Nanaimo in Vancouver. We also met a cycling couple from Bellingham, Washington who were amazed at how Main street was so vibrant. 

It's wonderful to meet the new employee at Bird on a Wire, Shelley. She has a beautiful welcoming smile to greet customers. 

A great day, it went flying by. It felt like working in an open studio!

A good sign...
June will be Bike Month in Vancouver and 
we will be both back as Artist in the Window!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Loving the Entrelac Way!

The Entrelac Bible!

I came across this excellent book from the library. It's called Entree to Entrelac.

My first Entrelac design,
The Queen of Diamonds Scarf.

Two years ago, I found online, a scarf with an interesting diamond pattern. A free pattern was offered and I tried it. The pattern was written without graphics. And, it took me a few trials to follow the pattern. It was difficult to understand. I sketched it out and discovered it was ....easier.

I made my first Queen of Diamonds Scarf and it sold right away.

After my second scarf I wanted to knit something else. I came across this book and it all made sense. Everything I figure out two years ago, was here in this book with fantastic easy to follow diagrams. I'm so excited with all the different patterns that you can do with Entrelac but I don't know which project that I'll knit from this book.

One things for sure, my next project will be something with the Entrelac design!

My Queen of Diamonds Scarf #2.