Monday, October 11, 2010

Talkin' Turkey & Inner Tubes

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving Day than talking turkey and Inner Tubes. It's the long weekend and we're sharing it with Turkey and busy producing winter cycling caps & wallets/pouches.

For many years in the past, I was a vegetarian. I always felt there was something missing, the tradition of Autumn the harvest season. Without the smells of roasting turkey it was not quite the same. Most often, we make a 15 pound turkey and we have plenty of leftovers. But, the most important factor is to share it and we do and that's where it counts. In my case, I'm far away from my Quebec family and I try to create my own tradition with friends.

Richard cut about 150 tubes and they're destine to become wallets. In fact, we're getting excited for our first craft show. We figure it's better to make more than be stuck with not having enough. There's been a huge demand for our winter cap's and I anticipate an even bigger success at the show. No one else makes this type of winter cap. With the weather cooling down I'm sure every cyclist will appreciate one of them.

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