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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Galstudio business cards have arrived!

I'm  so happy my business cards arrived today! Along with Richard's cards we're now armed with our own Galstudio business cards. These cards are extremely colorful and for that  I originally wanted to match my hang tags. They turned out very well. The difference; Richard's cards are black and slightly wider and I have a light grey side. It was time for us to add the business cards. Everyone was asking for it!


  1. In a rainbow of fruity flavors, too! Good for you. They're lovely. I'll look forward to seeing one the next time I make a purchase.

  2. That's a good idea of including one of these with a purchase. This would be nice along with my hang tag!


  3. They look great,
    Can you or Richard send me your postal address via email so I can send something cycling related in the post.. Cheers Steve

  4. Thanks. I'll send you the info on the Etsy conversation. It's the only email I have from you!