Sunday, April 25, 2010


The Pound Cake was first invented in the early 1700s in England. I love it. In French, it's called Quatre-Quarts. Which means four quarters. It's magical to take the four ingredients (butter, flour, sugar, eggs) in the same proportion and combine with any thing you want to make a fabulous cake.

This is the basis of this cake. I added slivered almonds, coconut, orange rind/juice, and wheat bran. The rule is that a pound cake should not have  a liquid. The wetting agent comes from the eggs. I broke the rule and added one orange and it's juice. To make me feel less guilty, I added the bran.

I can't wait for Richard to come back from his bike ride and see this cake. It's so delicious, I have a feeling that this cake will not live long!

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