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Monday, April 12, 2010

Percolating with ideas.

My prototype coffee cozy with my 
Rocket Fuel Coffee!

My first memory of coffee is with my Dad. I was around six or seven years old. He used Sanka instant coffee measuring 1T of coffee dissolved in 2T of hot water. I would add this mixture to my cold milk. It taste really good!

In my teens I first experienced drip coffee at Tim Hortons and then tasted real coffee at the Cafe du Vieux Port. This is where I discovered the pleasures of  'un bol de cafe aux lait'. For me, coffee is a pleasant way to share with someone you care for. After moving from Quebec to Vancouver, I still can't understand why folks would walk a cup of coffee. Walking and drinking coffee doesn't make sense to me. I always make sure that I enjoy and sit down when having my coffee.

Lately, I've had frustrating mornings waking up after my partner. He usually wakes up about 30 minutes before I do. And he wants to be nice to have coffee ready. The problem is the coffee is warm by the time I pour it. What to do? I've created a coffee cozy out of inner tubes with an insulating fabric liner for my Bodum 8 cup French Press coffee maker. It basically wraps around and keeps the coffee hot. Well, my mornings are nicer to wake up to with hot coffee.

I originally wanted to knit one or make one out of fabric. Of course, when it gets dirty means washing it. That's the idea to use inner tubes. To make it easier to clean it by running it under the tap. You can sponge it off, too. So simple. I'm considering putting the coffee cozy in my shop, but for now, I'm enjoying the prototype ...along with a nice hot cup of coffee!


  1. This is brilliant! I will watch to see if you put some up for sale. I, too, enjoy the rituals surrounding the consumption of really good coffee and I want it HOT, not warm.

  2. Great! I will go into production!