Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Looking for Polka dots but I only got dirt!

Planting something...

I have a green thumb or at least I'd like to say I do. This morning with the Sun shining I bought some dirt and plan to  re-pot and prepare the soil for my plants.  The fabric store was a disappointment. I was looking for fabric in red polka dots and found nothing. That's ok. It's either a hit or a miss but I'm happy with the dirt.

Last year I planted tomatoes but it's not going to happen this Spring. It was fun. I have limited space and the coverage is sparse. I remember they tasted soo good. Today it has to do with preparation. Lots of cleaning means a lot of work. I like to separate cleaning and planting. Planting is the part I enjoy the most. It's so creative. Afterwards I'll know what I need for new plants.

I love to cook so I'll keep one box just for herbs. My favorite herbs are thyme, dill, basil, and oregano. The basics.

Time to play in the dirt!

I hope this plant will climb fast...
and I will add a few colorful plants in the front!


  1. I lived in San Diego for 23 years and we always grew a few varieties of tomatoes on our patio. The climate there is so temperate, we constantly gave away baskets of our harvest. When my daughter was very young she thought there was no greater joy than sitting on the patio pulling tomatoes off the vines and eating them with the juice dripping. The neighbor kids wanted popsicles, but my kid went for the fruits.

  2. Our Summer fruit was out in nature to be picked, especially blueberries. Yum.

    Thanks for sharing your great story!