Friday, October 29, 2010

Classic Winners

Galstudio's classic three:
(l to r): Capello da Ciclismo Nero, Tempo & Routier.

The Capello da Ciclismo Nero is the second cycling cap I ever sold. Right from the start it continues to be a favorite. Classic black how can you not like it? Made from Linen/cotton I fell in love with the fabric. Because, it's nice and crisp, light, and wicks. I thought of how it benefits cyclists as the material breathes well. I've received many compliments on this cap, the most ever, on how good it looks and feels. Form follows function.

Next in my classic cycling cap peloton is the Tempo and the Routier. The Tempo is also made from Linen/cotton in gray. The Routier cap started as an army style cap, but I soon realize it would look better as a cycling cap.

At the beginning, I made two or three Capellos, now I have to make twenty at a time just to keep up with demand. Although, I'm always tempted to create colorful caps, quite a few of my clients enjoy the classic colors!

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