Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Milkless Hot Chocolate!

Working away I become so involved in whatever I'm doing I sometimes forget to take a break.

I'm in front of my faithful Singer machine and I felt a stoppage in my workload. It happen to be 2 PM and as the weather is turning into it's Fall pattern of grey skies & constant rain I craved a hot chocolate!

My love affair with hot chocolate goes back to when I was young. Quick instant was popular. When I was a vegetarian I let go of milk and sadly let it go. Lately, I discovered 'Silk' soya milk and it has a velvety texture and a delicious taste. Silk soya milk is one of the rare soya milks that tastes as good cold or hot. Now, I can enjoy my hot chocolate fix again.

I'm using real dark chocolate, a little bit of brown sugar, a bit of cocoa powder and cayenne pepper. A hot chocolate for adults... minus the Baileys. Christmas time the Baileys is the added star!

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