Monday, October 18, 2010

Moo and improved!

New & Old...

My new Moo cards have finally arrived. I'm ecstatic.

The newly re-designed 'G' works very well. It means business. The font is easier to read and the overall look is cleaner. The back is simple with lots of space on top to allow for product description labels. I think it's a winner.

I have a tendency to be over perfectionist. For the first time, in memory, I'm 100% satisfy on how well the card design turned out. Most of the background pattern remains the same but, of course, I added a few more.

20 Moo cards...

Richard and I are working hard for the upcoming Make it show. Products need labels and we're busy tagging them all. I'm working on more wallets & Scoula, too.

One thing, as the fast approaching show is upcoming, it's always hard to determine how much stock you need. So, I'm making sure to that we have enough stock available.

Moo cards allow me to exploit my creativity to the max. Thumbs up to Moo!

Richard hard at ... MOO!

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