Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Winter Classics

Galstudio's Condorito winter cap.

If it wasn't for Richard asking me to create a winter cycling cap I probably would not have. He showed me his earliest winter cap a precious red, wool Colnago. He asked me if I could make one similar. I was inspired by how the ear flaps fit on the neck. So I set out to create my first winter cap the Bobet.

Many models later, I'm happy to say my winter caps are popular. I now have seven models to choose from. The newest one is the Presta.

My best seller is the Condorito. I found more fabric and made more. In fact, I have a good supply of caps in stock. But, once they're gone that will be it for that model.

Richard was out riding this chilly morning wearing his Condorito cap and he happily reported how comfortable and warm it is. And, with winter fast approaching I was reminded by Guy when he said, "You cannot think of going through winter without a Galstudio winter cycling cap!"

Richard's precious 1980's Colnago winter wool cap.


  1. that condorito cap is one classy, elegant cap! it's a shame to hide it under a helmet.

  2. It's perfect when you're at a cafe break. Hey you gotta look good drinking coffee!