Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thinkin' of a new old Singer...

My first sewing machine is a Singer Fashion Mate 257. So there's good chance that  my next machine will be  an older model  Singer. I'm just use to it. A certain trusted companion that I've grown up with love and admiration for. You know how a certain comfort zone is safe and secure. I love the old mechanical metal machine. Well made, durable beyond compare & long lasting craftsmanship bringing valuable service back like a boomerang.

There's an old video, I've included  from the fifties publicizing the lifestyle of Singer. I love the era. And the idea of how easy the life of a homemaker could be if you had a Singer. It's comical today, but it makes me appreciate why women have fought so hard to work outside the home. To become an equal partner in raising a family. I look at it from the point of publicity and how it left a message for a better 'lifestyle'. It was directed towards the women to be at home, to save money by sewing her own garments and home decor. To make her home  a cozy place for her family.

This is the model in the video!

I'm looking at a few all beautiful metal machines. They're all pretty basic mechanical machines producing straight and zigzag stitch. My Fashion Mate has worked extremely hard and it's due time to have a second machine. I'd like to give her a rest, but not for long because she's meant to work. She deserves a gold medal for her amazing effort. A backup would be useful, just in case if she needs a break. Funny, It seems that these machines are older than my current Singer. The machines are  from the 60s & 70s. My favorite time.

The beautiful and regal, 237!

There's one site that I'm loving. You can feel the LOVE for vintage sewing machines. I really like to put my hands on the 237. A good choice for me. I look at it and drool for the style and design of the machine. This beauty would suit my needs well. The Rocketeer is another kindred mechanical soul to my heart. Full of style and almost Jetson like. Typical of that era, ridiculously Fabulous!

The outer space connection...
The Rocketeer!

Of course, I've looked at other brands but I don't know them as well as the Singer. One things for sure, my next sewing machine  will be all metal. I'm off to sew something, bye for now!


  1. What a wonderful post! My beloved grandmother left me a Singer Featherweight she bought in the year of my birth - 1952. It was used to make me baby clothes, First Communion dress, dresses for piano recitals, Catholic school uniforms and more. I inherited it and used it to make baby clothes, Halloween costumes, quilts and more for my daughter. Granny maintained it well, and so did I. It still hums!

  2. Wow, this is exactly what those machine's were made for. From one generation to another, becoming part of the family memories. Great story!

  3. I own that same pale green Singer! The funny thing is, mine is missing the spool holder just like the one in the photo.

    Aren't old machines great? They just keep running and running!

  4. I have a Featherweight that I learned to sew with. I have been sewing on it for over 40 years! I also have a Singer 301 that I love.