Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Ventoux on the Isle of Islay!

I now have an association with thewashingmachinepost in a good way that Richard from has. Sending off my Ventoux cycling cap for a hopeful review has garnered an positive & warm reception over on the Isle of Islay. Scotch is the drink over there and I approve of it. I definitely love my Single Malt Scotch after a hardworking day. My half Scottish side supports it.

Brian sent me a response on his famous cycling review website about Galstudio's Ventoux cycling cap. Of course, it's name is from the famous volcano in the Tour de France. And yes we (the minions) are producing more Ventoux's as I speak. I've put down my scissors to write this, of course. It's a popular cycling cap, probably my third best seller.

I like the fact that Brian referred to the tweed run in London. Vancouver just had one in February. My tweed cycling cap would go very well on the heads of all riders. Brian writes well and I enjoyed his review very much. I feel honored to receive such a positive review.

Thanks again to Brian at thewashingmachinepost!

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