Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Under my cycling cap.

Galstudio's Paris-Roubaix Cycling Cap.

Today marks the first anniversary of selling my very first cycling cap. With the Belgian Classics starting it's appropriate that it was called Paris-Roubaix cycling cap.

Upon reflection, I started to sell my knitting goods on Etsy and that was my plan. Until, Richard came up with a request for a good cycling cap. Richard was searching for one and he was stuck with store bought ones that was ok but lacking in style and quality. I looked at his existing cap and I knew that I could make one much better. I took measurements and made a paper pattern and made my first one. My first cap was made from a cheap cotton that's used as a model to make sure it fits perfectly before cutting into the good fabric.

Surprisingly, the first cap was the ugliest but between the actually pattern & sewing something had happen. The brim was too wide, not deep enough and just too big. No problem, I made another pattern thinking it should work. It didn't. I had to calculate what a really cap should fit like. The challenge is how a flat form can fit on an egg shape. Not every fabric can do your bidding. I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that I could do it. I do have a diploma in fashion design from Quebec. It's been a long time but it's like riding a bike. Eventually it will all come back to you!

Measurements are crucial and to get a good fit is important unless you don't mind to have a diaper on your head! Overall it took me ten trials and trying different fits with three, four and seven panels. I finally came back with the four panel with darts, it fitted the best. Why? It fits deep, feels snug not tight, the brim is nice and soft and will bend without damage. The fabric is pre-washed so no unsightly color bleeding. And you can re-wash it without shrinking. Of course, Richard loves the sportiness and urban look.

When Richard saw the final project, he went nuts and said that you gotta sell this. I'm happy to say he still wears the Paris-Roubaix as well as a dozen more. Galstudio has grown since the very first cycling cap. I've added all sorts of accessories ranging from recycled inner tube pouches for Macbook Laptops, keys/ID/coins & the latest for the iPhone. Soon I will start selling a coffee cozy made from inner tubes. Just after this cup of coffee!


  1. a little belatedly, congratulations on your first year of cap sales! you make wonderful products. i really love the custom piccolo pouch you made for me. i look forward to your next innovation.

  2. Thank you. I'm having so much creative fun with inner tubes. It's only just begun...