Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Great change in fashion history.

I have many interests. Back in the day, quite a few years ago, I studied fashion design in College back in Quebec. My love for fashion has always been based historically. Years later I graduated from the Emily Carr Art School touching upon art history. Their both share a rich, visual & social history. None couldn't be without each other.

Living close to a brand new library, just a walk away, means so much to me. The library is so exciting for me. I remember when Quebec City opened it's new centralized main library around 1984. The library means to me an endless amount of knowledge and inspiration for free. Everything is there. I love the internet but I do enjoy holding and reading a book. It's all visual & tactile.

I've come across this wonderful book, The Empire's New Clothes by Christine Ruane. When I took fashion history class it was unexplained how Russia was influenced by European fashion. There was no choice for the people. On January 4th, 1700 Peter the Great imposed a reform stating that all Russian dress will not be worn. He said, "All residents of the city of Moscow must wear German dress, French & Saxon coats and ride in German saddles..."

Peter the Great in European dress.
From: The Empire's New Clothes.

Today, It hasn't changed much, there's still a few fashion 'dictators' who choose what we will wear. But at least we can all make a choice!

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  1. What a beautiful image on the cover of the book! I love vintage photos and vintage costumes, so this was really visually appealing to me. Thank you.