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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The ‘G’ Evolution.

The premise for the ‘G’ in Galstudio came to me with the help from Richard and two bottle’s  of wine. A  winning  combination for brainstorming.

I opened Galstudio on Etsy back in November  2008 to sell my hand knit items. Now, the evolution of my little business has moved forward selling cycling caps and recycled bike inner tube products.  I’ll give Richard the deserved praise for inventing the Galstudio name. It was his idea.  Gal is the first three letters of my last name. And add the word studio and voila!

The first time I saw a simple but effective hole punch with the swirling ‘G’ it was my eureka moment. This was the launch of my Galstudio name design. On the other side, it took me long to cut the cards and most of the time the punch didn’t work properly and my cards were trash. The other way to have a cut out design is to spend too much on outsourcing it. Not cost effective.

Mooing along…

Then I came across Moo. It’s not selling diary products but business cards. What is fantastic about Moo is that there is endless ways to design your own cards. I like to work with color and Moo provides me with a vast choice.  I’m now waiting for our business cards and the anticipation is high. I can’t wait for them to arrive.

Like all design,  change is constant. And my product labels have changed too, over time. I’ve experimented with fabric and I realized it was bulky and I didn’t like the result. Working  with the inner tubes, I’ve found a way to combine to make my own labels. People have emailed me how to do this.

But, I have to keep a few secrets …right?! 


  1. I'm really enjoying following you and learning things and hoping my muse will kick me in the rear so I will start creating again.

    Just spotted the Flandrian! That was the light blue new creation you referred to!

    Thanks for sharing. I hope your little business rocks!

  2. Thanks for your comment. Inspiration often come in the action of creation. Go ahead and start creating!

  3. You're a design genius. I love the idea of making things out of old inner tubes.

  4. I absolutely love to work with inner tube. It's amazing how such a common material can become so beautiful!