Sunday, March 21, 2010

20 steps to my cycling caps!

Getting ready to sew the darts.

I mentioned to Richard the other day about our cycling caps and wanted to know how many steps it takes.  Every hat maker has their own method and not to mention standards. I thought it would be fun to compile a list. Here goes…

1.              Designing the cap.
2.              Finding a name & description
3.              Buying the fabric & trim
4.              Washing all fabric & trim
5.              Cutting the fabric & interfacing
6.              Assembly of darts.
7.              Ironing
8.              Tucking in all the loose threads
9.              Assembly of all panels
10.          Finishing  the inside cap
11.          Sewing the stripe on the cap
12.          Assembly of the brim
13.          More Ironing
14.          Sewing the inner band
15.          Sewing the Galstudio logo
16.          Trying the cap for size
17.          Sewing the elastic
18.          Finishing the inner band
19.          Threading
20.          Putting on the hang tag.

 After all those years as a production manager, I still think in terms of breaking down a project into shorter tasks. It comes in handy as I now have Richard in production!

Oh, and let's not forget. The secret ingredient that is part of all the steps in making a good cycling cap...

Finishing the Orangeman!


  1. Excellent, I`ll be ordering my next cap soon to go with me to Italy... Ciao

  2. Je t'aime tellement fort ma Carolle, cibole que je suis fière de toi. Par la force des choses et des évènements tu es devenue une femme extraordinaire..tu me manque et j'aimerais tellement qu'on puisse jaser un de ces 4 XXXXXXXXX Jo

  3. Yesterday I went with the Badger to check out a course where he'll race next weekend. He had his new Le Patron cap with him. Once again, I marveled at the care you put into your craft. It intrigued me to read the steps!

  4. That looks like my new orange cap!

  5. I also have a light blue cap with Belgian stripes coming up soon!