Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mme. Bonbon meets the Bruges

I'm lost in my creativity. Where's time gone to? 

I have so many projects on the go that I wonder how I can ever get around to completing them. The good thing, yesterday I managed to finish two knitting projects.

The winter of 2009, I completed my first double knit project. When I purchased the bamboo yarn I thought it would be perfect. I love the way how double knit allows you to create a different pattern, on both sides, at the same time. Here, I kept it really simple with horizontal lines in the back and verticle lines in the front. It makes me think of one thing... a candy store!

I consider myself more of a knitter. The book, 'Crocheting Master Class', caught my attention because I wanted to know what the top crocheters of the world are doing. There's a fine line with crochet: either it's really good or tacky. No middle ground. This book represents the best and the worst of the crochet world.

I love the technique of Bruges Lace. I have seen it done before with fine cotton yarn. Then I saw it, in this book, with wool and I was inspired. I didn't follow the pattern exactly because I didn't have enough wool. Instead, I decided on modifying the pattern to make a nice long scarf.

It was so nice to crochet again. I'm planning my next crochet project, in fact, right now!

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