Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Rubber Traveler

The one of a kind
rubber inner tube custom bag with recycled
pop bottle felt liner... 

I just made a 'custom special bag' for one of my friend's who's off to Thailand next month. He's requesting a bag with adjustable detachable straps for his Netbook.

If you remember, I used to have a laptop sleeve made of recycled rubber inner tubes on my Etsy shop. The bag is a cross between my SoMa iPad Envelope  and the Laptop Tube.

This Netbook has specific dimensions: 10 1/2 X 7 1/2 inches tapered at the front (1/2" thinner at the front).
The rubber is inconsistently crooked to begin with, difficult to have a completely flat sheet. It's not perfect.
And the only way for me to figure it out is to make a 3D model in foam core.

As much as I love to work with rubber, it is challenging to work with. I find that I can't impose my ideas onto it. Often the first idea changes. I have to constantly adapt my design to follow the natural movement of the material. But when it works, it's fabulous.

I'm very happy with this design. I love working with the imperfections of the rubber. I'm in the zen of sewing taking a flawed material working with it to make a wonderful final product!

Velcro closure...

First time I used metal clasps!

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