Sunday, May 22, 2011

Burn Rubber Baby!

Well stock of Piccolo Pouches & La Piccola Wallets.

With the upcoming craft show season about to start... let there be rubber!

We're getting ready producing more recycle rubber inner tube pouches and wallets. It's hard to evaulate how many to make because we have only one show under our belt. Each show is so different from one another ...we can only guess.

It's in my nature to over prepare for any situation. So, I figure I've made enough and can make a last minute rush if need be.

So far we've made over 200 Piccolo Pouches. There's a major learning curve working with rubber. And, I'm happy to say that my confidence is high producing these little gems.

This year our goal is to participate in craft shows. We started off going to many to scout them out. It's a jungle out there. The amount of craft shows has exploded. From sustainable, farmer markets, festivals there's many to choose from. What's more amazing the cost can start at $25 to over $1000 for a selling space. Richard and I navigate through this maze and booked ourselves for the Summer. It starts this early June right through to November.

Some of these shows are very expensive and in order to participate we have partnered with our friend Helene. She is the Sewing Goddess and we're happy to be co-partnering and look forward to be working along side her.

For more details follow my Galstudio Facebook page!

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