Thursday, May 26, 2011

There Are NO Mistakes Only Opportunities!

Anybody with a 26 inch head?

Yesterday, I finished my funky looking knit hat .... and it was challenging.

I've never made this kind of hat before. I had to assemble the band first, grab more stitches along the edge before finishing the point. To my surprise, it took me three attempts at picking up the stitch along the circular edge. Whatever I did, it never looked right. Finally, it came together. For some unknown reason, the hat seem to grow as I was knitting it. Sounds odd? The 22 inch band grew to a whopping 26 or so inches.

It was not big but really big. Not even a giant could wear this hat. Ok, I'm exaggerating. As I learn from past experience, when life throws you lemons you had better learn to make lemonade. I'm really good at lemonade but I don't know much about felting.

There was no other option. I grabbed the finish hat and threw into an old pillowcase, tie it with a knot, and tossed it along with my wash and hope like hell for a miracle.

My miracle pillowcase...

It happened! Miracles to come true. This hat is better than it could ever have been if it was regularly knitted. I wonder if they have a good book, at the library, on felting. I'm feeling a new project coming up!

Voila! My lovely first felted hat!

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