Saturday, December 18, 2010

Be your own Tribe.

I heard of this book, 'Tribes' by Seth Godin, years ago and I really wanted to read it. I have finally got around to reading this book. When this book was first published (2008) it was definitely describing a new movement of ideas in the world. 

Two years later, the author describes the way people connect to each other and we are now living it. We're living exciting times. Communities sprout left and right. With the help of your own computer you can form your own tribe. By social media it has become easier to connect with like minded people. 

I find it interesting to look at the way the world of business and marketing has changed in such a quick way. Never being the same. No longer status quo. People are looking for changes. 

This is a good resume of how the world is changing. If you haven't stopped to notice then read this exciting book and watch the video!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Knitting 24/7

This is the first book I picked up while I was sick with bronchitis. I did a lot of knitting. That's all I felt like doing... knitting 24/7.

I love it when I find numerous projects from reading one book. The book, 'Knitting 24/7' by Veronik Avery, is divided into different sections; 'AM, PM & Weekends'. All together thirty different projects. There's a great range from quick projects to advance knitter. At first glance, you may think that the patterns are difficult but they are actual very easy to memorize. I'm a beginner when it comes to following patterns, but I was able to start easily.

For the scarf, I had to modify the pattern for the amount of yarn I had. So, I ended up with a scarf half the size of what she shown in the book. I'm happy with the results. Here, in Vancouver, I don't really need a heavy scarf. This little silk bamboo mix is just perfect!

My silk bamboo scarf perfect for Vancouver!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A New Nest with Bird On The Wire.

A beautiful & sunny day as Richard and I walked down on Main Street to visit our newest shop selling our Galstudio handmade products. The shop is called, 'Bird On The Wire' nestled nicely in our neighborhood.

I met friendly Karen, the owner, about a month ago spotting her shop on my stroll to the post office. I like what I saw. Ever since the fire, about a year ago on the same block, we can see a new dynamic of different shops created. This is usually a boutique you would find further up Main, and I'm so glad we have it.

Karen asked me if I was an artist. I gave her my business card. And, I was surprised when I received information from her about putting my products in her store. I hadn't consider it especially when I already have my caps in bicycle stores. A shop like this makes sense.

Our entire line of products are selling at her store. And, even my knit goods never looked so good displayed here. Karen has made an extra effort to make the products look their best. She obviously loves what she's doing creating this beautiful & supportive environment.

She gave me that extra confidence to recognize myself as more than a maker of cycling caps. Above it all I'm an multi-faceted artist capable of making a diverse range of products. I feel so good about this.

I'm so excited and proud to be one the artist's to be represented in her shop. She carries eco friendly products made from growing cottage artists within a 100 mile radius of her store. I'm selling my fun products around the world but now I'm selling it in my little neighborhood. It makes me feel part of an artist community... I feel that I'm finally home. I love this Mt. Pleasant area and it's growing on me!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wow! 100!

I've made it, to my 100th post! It's a milestone for me. And I'm proud of myself.

Of course, I can always blog more then it would cut into my knitting time which is my relaxing time.
Actually, I cannot believe our first craft show is over a week ago. I planned to post about it ... last week. But, sometimes things don't happen as you planned it, so all you have to do is go with the flow.

Todays the first day since last Sunday, that I have the energy to stay up all day. I came down with a nasty, nasty bronchitis and today I can finally say, "I WILL SURVIVE!"

I was so ready and pumped up for the Make It Show. 5500 people attended in 18 hours. It was overwhelming considering the fact I usually work with Richard at home, this was the most people in the last few years I seen at one time. Talk about short and intense. Eventually my body was overloaded and my immune system crashed. To be able to get direct feedback from people was so valuable. Most people had positive comments on the rubber inner tubes pouches and wallets. "It's great!" "Very Unique!" "Wonderful texture." "Love the overstitch, great idea!" ... were some of the comments that moved me.

It was a wonderful learning experience. Everyone that sells online or work at home eventually has to come out to be exposed and ...share with the public. All in all, a unique experience. I do not believe that I am the type of person to do weekly craft fairs. A few craft shows, chosen wisely, is beneficial for me and the business.

My blog has evolved, a journal of the growth of my business. It took me about 16 months to reach 100 and I can tell you it will take less to reach 200. It has become easier for me and with the help from Richard, I'm planning 200 within half the time.

I'm always thankful when I receive comments. My Fashion Mate post received the most comments and still receiving comments. Every time it does I love my sewing machine even more. I'm so glad when people share their love affair with their own machines.

Thank you all for stopping by to read my blog and a special thank you for the ones that take the time to leave a comment!

Richard finishing the table at the Make It Show!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sometimes all you need is ... a Whack!

I'm a very creative person. I live by it. You have to stimulate it. It won't just happen by itself.

I bought this Whack Pack well before I attended art school. Brilliant, beautiful and wonderfully designed it captured my imagination. Still does. It's like giving gas to your creative engine. If you need a spark this will help you think outside the box.

Each card has a fun way to help flex your creativity muscle. And we all need that from time to time. I use it often when I'm taking a break. The artwork is fun and I enjoy reading the stories. I usually keep the pack close to my computer at the ready.

If your creativity needs a whack... this is the right tool for you!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gal & Grommet!

I'm over the top. Scaling Mount Everest would be something else, but my new banner is top of the top!

This is exactly how I designed it on my computer. The colors are vibrant dead on perfect. Just fabulous. The Make It Show is next Friday and I'm so READY!

It's so great to have friends in the industry to help me in the printing of this banner on canvas. There's a semi-matte laminate on the canvas which pops out the color. The easiest way to hang it is to place two grommets at each top corner. And I sew around the edge to make the banner rigid. I can't wait to hang it on the black curtain behind my booth.

I've worked in the special events industry on formcore banners that I designed and produced. That was many years ago, and now I'm excited to have my very own pair of grommet pliers. Finally!

If you never had this tool, the other option is to use a hammer and pin which is very loud and iffy. It would do the job if you only need to do it once. This tool is the right tool for the job. At 15 bucks including grommets, it's a steal!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Winter Classics

Galstudio's Condorito winter cap.

If it wasn't for Richard asking me to create a winter cycling cap I probably would not have. He showed me his earliest winter cap a precious red, wool Colnago. He asked me if I could make one similar. I was inspired by how the ear flaps fit on the neck. So I set out to create my first winter cap the Bobet.

Many models later, I'm happy to say my winter caps are popular. I now have seven models to choose from. The newest one is the Presta.

My best seller is the Condorito. I found more fabric and made more. In fact, I have a good supply of caps in stock. But, once they're gone that will be it for that model.

Richard was out riding this chilly morning wearing his Condorito cap and he happily reported how comfortable and warm it is. And, with winter fast approaching I was reminded by Guy when he said, "You cannot think of going through winter without a Galstudio winter cycling cap!"

Richard's precious 1980's Colnago winter wool cap.