Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wow! 100!

I've made it, to my 100th post! It's a milestone for me. And I'm proud of myself.

Of course, I can always blog more then it would cut into my knitting time which is my relaxing time.
Actually, I cannot believe our first craft show is over a week ago. I planned to post about it ... last week. But, sometimes things don't happen as you planned it, so all you have to do is go with the flow.

Todays the first day since last Sunday, that I have the energy to stay up all day. I came down with a nasty, nasty bronchitis and today I can finally say, "I WILL SURVIVE!"

I was so ready and pumped up for the Make It Show. 5500 people attended in 18 hours. It was overwhelming considering the fact I usually work with Richard at home, this was the most people in the last few years I seen at one time. Talk about short and intense. Eventually my body was overloaded and my immune system crashed. To be able to get direct feedback from people was so valuable. Most people had positive comments on the rubber inner tubes pouches and wallets. "It's great!" "Very Unique!" "Wonderful texture." "Love the overstitch, great idea!" ... were some of the comments that moved me.

It was a wonderful learning experience. Everyone that sells online or work at home eventually has to come out to be exposed and ...share with the public. All in all, a unique experience. I do not believe that I am the type of person to do weekly craft fairs. A few craft shows, chosen wisely, is beneficial for me and the business.

My blog has evolved, a journal of the growth of my business. It took me about 16 months to reach 100 and I can tell you it will take less to reach 200. It has become easier for me and with the help from Richard, I'm planning 200 within half the time.

I'm always thankful when I receive comments. My Fashion Mate post received the most comments and still receiving comments. Every time it does I love my sewing machine even more. I'm so glad when people share their love affair with their own machines.

Thank you all for stopping by to read my blog and a special thank you for the ones that take the time to leave a comment!

Richard finishing the table at the Make It Show!

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