Monday, August 22, 2011

MAMILS at the Whistler Farmer's Market

Check out Richard's old Mavic wheel!

I haven't been back to Whistler in over fifteen years and it has sure changed!

With the Winter Olympics, this resort town has grown up. I was there often working in the special events industry and it was small and quaint. The trade and convention centre was beautiful and quite new back then. Also, I was decorating in the Le Chateau Hotel when it first opened in Blackcomb.

Now I don't recognized the town anymore. Sunday, Richard and I was selling our Galstudio products at the Whistler Farmer's Market. It was beautiful and sunny... everything a market should be. Plus full of people and samples for all.

I had a chance to try sea asparagus. It doesn't look like asparagus it's actually a type of seaweed. It's green, crunchy and salty collected at low tide. Definitely good for salads and pasta.

Sea asparagus.

This vibrant market is on my list as must have markets to be in. So, next year we plan to be back.

Often in these shows, there is a tendency to have too much of one type of vendor. Not so here. There was a full array of different products to discover. The organizers did a very good job of curating the show. Our unique cycling accessories were appreciated by everyone. There were many outdoor types especially cyclists and their spouses that bought our products. Richard was doing so well selling cycling caps to middle age cyclist guys. These cyclists are the MAMILS; middle age men in lycra. Richard's part of this fast growing tribe. I still laugh when he mentions it.

The foam core display didn't survived our last market, it was destroyed. So I came up with a clever fix. Richard's Mavic wheel held up to nine of his cyclingart cards and he was so pleased to use it again. It works so much better.

Special thanks go to our partner, Helene for allowing us to share the tent with. It was a wonderful day with her!

Wish I had a dog...
beside our tent was a fabulous organic dog treats!