Monday, August 29, 2011

Initiation à l'entrelac & Introductory Crochet.

As far as I can remember, I've embraced knitting. Most of my aunts including my mother were passionate knitters. So, knitting came naturally to me. Already by 15 years of age, I've knitted throws and sweaters.

I'm from a generation where knitting was not the hip thing to do. At that time, young women hid behind close doors to knit... we were closet knitters. By age 20, my knitting needles were collecting dust bunnies.

I took back my needles in the late eighties when one dear friend was looking for a special knitted above the knee socks. I answered that call and from then on never put down my needles... again.

Arbol from Malabrigo

I was so excited when Karen from Bird on a Wire Creations, first asked me to teach a knitting class. I suggested to teach a knitting class in French. So I can combine my two passions of speaking French and knitting!

I realize that this would present a challenge; to re-learn knitting in French. It's quite complex really. I know why I embrace the English pattern due to it's ease of understanding. 

I'm extremely happy to present the Entrelac pattern, I have adapted and translated, for the upcoming classes. 

Turner from Malabrigio.

I'm also teaching an introduction to Crochet in English using this wonderful green wool. I will use a pattern I have modified to make a beautiful Bruges lace scarf.

Please check this link  for details on all the classes and ...sign up.

Let's knit together!

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