Monday, July 25, 2011

Emily's Quilt

At the beginning of Summer 2010, our friend Guy (the other half of the 3b's) announced that he was going to be a dad. With this wonderful news, this was my chance to make something for the new baby. By September, I realize that I had to make something special that Richard can partake in. That's how the idea of the babies quilt came to be. When Guy announced that it was a girl, I was so excited to make the quilt very girly-girly. I made the design in Illustrator and scanned Richard's Campagnolo chain ring to keep a cycling twist to the girly-girly quilt. I realized, even with Richard's help, and juggling the business that the quilt would not be finished until after the baby is born. We were so busy with the business, I even forgot to photograph the beginning stages of the quilt.

Ready to sandwich the bamboo batting
between the quilted sides.

This quilt was a journey, and self-taught. It really opened my mind to the vast world of quilting. I remember my Ma Tante Phonsine quilting away at night. Small pieces of fabric that she lovingly assembled by hand. Pure Magic!

Quilter's safety pin...
with a bend.

These days, quilters have a vast variety of tools to choose from. Safety pins, a simple material, is specially designed for the quilter. Who could ever imagine that! 

My first overstitch of hearts & flowers...
8 more to go!

I never did applique until now. So, I don't even know if this was the proper way of doing it ...but I love the result.

Making a pattern for the Scallop Edge...
sure helped!

When I first designed the quilt, I didn't know I was going to make a scallop edge. I was online for help on how to finish the edge and saw someone making a scallop edge. What a perfect way to compliment this quilt.

the girly side with the large E for Emily!

complete Campagnolo chain rings.

No quilt shall go into the world unsigned.

I'm extremely happy with my first quilt. Without Richard's help of cutting and prepping everything, Emily would probably not have her quilt until she starts to walk. It was fantastic to complete it and a joy to present it to Shelly & Guy and to see seven month old Emily happily rolling on it! What a happy family!

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  1. Hi, I have the same sewing machine and looking for a walking foot to begin quilting. What do you use?