Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WetCouver Folk Festival!

The wet weekend is finally over and I'm glad to have the Vancouver Folk Festival behind me.

What an experience! There's nothing that can prepare me for the sheer size of this show. I can only imagine what it would be like if the the Sun was out. Sun = people.

We showed our two new caps: Le Chasseur and Classic Racer and Major Tom was back. The caps will soon be on our Galstudio site.

As an entrepreneur ...this weekend was a disaster. As a participant, although it was wet, I enjoyed the music and ambiance. We had interesting folks commenting on our caps. I especially enjoyed the comment from an older gentleman looking at Richard's cyclingart cards. He said, nonchalantly, he rode in a club ride with Sean Kelly. He confirmed Kelly's legs still look like steamer trunks.

We haven't decided whether we will return next year, but we sure would like to experience this festival with more people and Sun!

Saturday was wet... all day!

Friday nite stage set up.

Our shared booth with Helene.

Our new soggy banner drying under the tarp!

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