Friday, February 25, 2011

Stretching My Rubber!

Richard with the new Musette de Ville bags...

We've been very busy! And, I have gone crazy developing new products with the help from Richard. Our new 3 panel caps were just the beginning...

Our new SoMa Rubber iPad Envelopes. 

I woke up with the idea of the envelope and put it to paper, make the pattern & the prototype. I just love when it goes together, smoothly.

A few days ago, we discovered a new supplier of fabric. I couldn't find this fabric until now. It's called Ecospun felt, made from post consumer pop bottles. Not too thick but the perfect thickness for the
SoMa Rubber iPad Envelope. I don't own an iPad, but I tried my prototype envelope at the local Apple Store. We couldn't be more excited when we touched the iPad. I'm in love! I turn towards Richard and declared, "I want one!"

It was the perfect fit and I knew I didn't have to re-adjust it . We took it back to the studio and started production. Richard got busy washing all the inner tubes and had them all dry for me to start. I like the different colors of felt on the inside and it's so beautiful.

This is our 2nd generation of musette called Musette de Ville. The first musette was more simple like the classic design except for the added zipper. We felt that we needed to redesign the strap. Everyone prefers to wear it at a certain length. So, we made the strap adjustable and we designed a stronger strap with fabric & rubber inner tube. It was Richard's idea to have the musette match the 3 panel caps. I added the stripes & corner tabs to solidify the bottom of the bag. It's stronger than a typical musette bag but lighter than a messenger bag. It's the perfect day bag on or off the bike.

I'm so proud that our two amazing products are now on sale on Etsy & available at  Bird On The Wire Creations in Vancouver!

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