Monday, February 7, 2011

Galstudio's New 3 Panel Cycling Caps!

The newest design...
Richard sporting 'The Canuck Cycling Cap'
Galstudio's 3 Panel Cycling Cap!

Over a year ago, I had the idea of creating colorful cycling caps. With a small business, we often wear many types of 'hats' and certain ideas get put away. It seems that time is always scarce for new projects.

Richard and I are excited to present part of our new collection for 2011...

The Canuck, Le Belge, La Francaise, Viva Italia & Good Vibrations.

These 5 caps are all colorful and we believe, fun to own & wear. This project has been so fun to work on. I don't know if it's because of the new 3 panel design or the colors. It's wonderful. Richard has worked hard on each cycling cap description now available in our Etsy site.

We're already working on new design ideas for 3 panel cycling caps!


  1. Hiya, They are so cool..a best seller I bet..Belgique for the Pave ! .Cheers Steve

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