Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No Ride with this Fabric!

Ironing didn't help!

I was all excited to prepare my new fabrics for the upcoming Winter Cycling Caps. Except this fabric had another agenda.

Pre-washing fabric is an absolute for me before I construct my caps. I know in the fashion industry it's not current practice to pre-wash fabric before making garments. For me, it's a must. When you think about it, cycling caps have to be pre-shrunk before. Imagine an unwashed cap, the rider comes back after a hot ride sweating into it. They're be surprised with a smaller cap.

I'm making cycling caps well over a year and this is the worst fabric I've come across. How about deceiving. I thought it would make a killer cap. Now, it turns out to be a wrinkly eyesore.

This is Step #4 (from a previous post) in making a cycling cap, called washing the fabric. It's not a step you cannot miss. This is a crucial step, for Galstudio, to make the best possible handmade cycling caps. Now, the challenge is finding the best usage for this 5 meter disaster. It won't be a cap, shirt or pants. Maybe it will become a cushion cover.

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