Monday, June 14, 2010

The new La Piccola Wallet!

The new La Piccola Wallet...
Fun, practical, & handy!

You know, after producing this new product, my excitement has grown more intense. I'm talking about Galstudio's new La Piccola Wallet!

This is our first run and we made 20 of these cute little guys and I kept the first one. We first made three prototypes to fine tune them. Working with rubber seems to have it's own mind. I really have to work with it within the constraint of this material. Rubber is not easy to work with but I find it rewarding when I can make something I truly love. Simple details happy fun fabric wrapped in inner tubes is the perfect handy wallet to hold 8 cards and a few bills. It can probably take a few more cards but that's to the owner's discretion.

I had left over pieces of fabric and I used it in the wallets. So much fun just choosing from the funky bright fabric designs. I'm having a lot of fun creating new designs with inner tubes and I hope people will enjoy them as much as I love making them!

Sushi anyone?

Both images by Galstudio.

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