Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Quest for Polka-dots

The polka-dots in action, 1978 Tour.
From: Richard's archives.

I'm in the quest for something special. Even the climbers of the Tour de France are in search for it.

Last year, I can't believe I had at least a full roll of the perfect size red polka-dots. It is so brilliant to choose a bold design for the race leader of the climbs. I can thank Richard for the idea of the polka-dot cycling cap. It sold out last year and it's time for it again. The problem is it's not so easy to find. So I'm still looking for it. And the Tour is coming up in 3 1/2 weeks.

It will return...
Galstudio's Polka Dot Cycling Cap.

My quest started after Christmas. My suppliers seem not to have it. I've waited for an order I placed and nothing. The effort's there, what I found online was too expensive and not cost effective. So I'm planning once again to go see my suppliers.

Here's an historical background to the Tour de France polka-dots that I so love. The King of the Mountains was awarded to the best climber first in 1933. The beautiful polka-dot jersey was introduced later in 1975. Those good looking red polka-dots were decided by chocolate maker Poulain to match one of their products.

The first French sponsor of the polka-dot jersey.

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