Sunday, June 6, 2010

More corset's for a good fit!

My messy table is crowded, in a good way, with additional Inner Tube Corset's. I have only one left on my Etsy shop and I realize my friend Jean ask me to keep him one. So I spent the better part of Sunday afternoon producing more of them. The weather's been lousy and with the help from Richard we finish them today.

I just sent one to the States and the feedback was wonderful! The feedback is so important it's the the pat on the back that makes a home business hum. It makes it all worthwhile. I'll post them probably tomorrow. So I'm working on a new design for a new product. And, I must say since Richard's been on board with me I don't seem to have enough time designing new products. It's a good thing because we have to generate more work between the two of us. Production has gone up. If all things go well, I'll have a prototype ready by the end of this week. Cross my fingers!

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