Sunday, May 2, 2010

Make it Vancouver!

Make It...
The Croatian Center, Vancouver.

Just returned from Make It, Vancouver. A busy/fun selling all things handmade show. Firstly, I'm impressed by the quality from the merchants. And secondly, the diversity of the merchants showing.

This is the last weekend and I'm amazed how the event organizers can pack so many merchants in one small room. I fell in love with many merchants but my favorite was the hand dyed scarfs. I've never seen anything like it before. Very original, well made with a Turkish trim design. Sorry I don't have the pictures but here's the link.

I plan on being part of it in November. And coming back from it was a great experience on what it takes to be part of this handmade show. The merchants and customers all seem to be having a grand time. I do understand that to be part of a craft show is so important. You come in direct contact with your customer and exchange ideas between artisans. It's all very supportive.

Now my task is what to include to sell. November will offer more of a winter theme and Christmas will be around the corner!

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