Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sock it me!

I looked through my stash and I realize that I had left over bits of sock yarn left. Mostly pink. As a knitter, it's sacrilege not to make your own socks. Store bought commercial socks are soo different from handmade ones. The big difference is the comfort & style. I hate boring socks. When you start to wear handmade socks afterwards you don't go back. I have just four pairs of hand knitted socks from last winter. They have a long life to them. There so resistant and very durable. I keep them going by machine washing and hanging them to dry.

My plan is to bring my collection up to at least seven pairs. This is numero five. One things for sure, I say NO to store bought socks. And when it gets too hot I'll go bare feet. After this, I'll have to convince my partner to get rid of his store bought socks. He already owns three pairs of handmade socks so I'll have to get busy.

I love and enjoy knitting socks and have made them for friends. It's a little pleasure of life. Considering each pair takes about 35 hours to make. I would have to charge $350 per pair! That's if I wanted to make a living off it. That's crazy.

For now, I'll have fun knitting socks for myself and a few of my lucky friends!

1 comment:

  1. now that is some beautiful footwear! i like crazy socks, too, but since i don't knit, storebought is my option. too bad i can't afford $350 for a pair of yours!