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Monday, April 23, 2012

Lace 2 Ways

Project #3,
Orange Shawl

This is not the first time I've knitted this pattern...

I enjoy this pattern so much that I knitted two pieces that sold at the last Christmas Make It Show. Now, this is project 3 and 4.

As I rummaged through my yarn stash I found this rich orange fingering wool. Right away, I wanted to make this lace shawl. 

Shawl or scarf!

I was having so much fun, I knitted this shawl in no time. Call it warp speed. So, back to the yarn stash and I discovered a left-over of a yellow/gold mohair. Not quite enough to make anything, but it would work well together with another left-over yarn I had.

I'm very happy to see how the colors mixed and how the textures work well together. Finishing it with a few rolls of just mohair completes this beautiful ready to wear, luxurious scarf!

These two will be on sale at the next Make It Show in November!

Project #4,
Mohair mixed with a 
fingering yarn worn as scarf...

worn as shawl.

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