Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Early teaching days & two new projects

 Le Cowl

There's always time to knit. Or should I say crochet. I just finished a big cowl (above) & a knitted scarf (below).

I don't remember when I crochet something so big. The largest project I made lately are dishcloths. Although, when I was young I was crocheting more than I was knitting. I was in grade 4 and Madame Pinard was my teacher. She always gave us 1 hour free time at the end of the day. Call it down time.

I suggested to her that it would be fun to gather students to crochet. I was making my mother a blanket and this gave me the opportunity to work in secret at school. It was a surprise. I remember the colors: four squares sewn together mostly black with accents of teal, purple & yellow. Even now, when I think about it those colors were dynamite. I bet that one of my family members has it in their Québec cabin.

My classmates thought the idea was fun, too. Their was five girls involved including one boy. I actually helped them all in their Christmas projects. After Christmas, it ended lasting for one term. It was short and intense and a lot of fun. It was an experience that I will always remember showing people my love for crochet. It was my first teaching experience.

I finished a similar scarf (last posted here
so comfortable that I wear it everyday.
So, I decided to make this one for sale!

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