Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ouf! I finished the cable sock!

Last October I gave myself a challenge. I always admire the cable knit. And I love making sock's so I chose this pattern for my first cable project. It was not as easy as I thought but I finished it! I would never consider knitting cable sock's for sale. This kind of work takes lots of time. Be advise, if a knitter gives you a pair of cable socks it can only mean one thing... this person loves you!

I love my sock's, and if I ever make another pair of cable sock's I would definitely not use a varigrade yarn. I worked so hard on the pattern but it's hard to see the definition with this kind of yarn.


  1. Such beautiul socks! Well worth the effort, I think. -PaulH

  2. Thanks, I love to work with cable knitting!