Friday, November 20, 2009

My funky Laptop Tube's made especially for your Macbook

Take a look at my newest product!

I have been really busy lately making winter cycling caps and developing this fantastic new product for my Etsy shop. The Idea came from a request from Richard who just receive an early christmas present ... a new macbook! Wow somebody was nice this year!

He wanted to keep his new baby protected, so right away I thought why not make a larger version of the Recycled Piccollo Pouch.

I just love the result. It's water repellent with all that recycled inner tube on the outside. With a heavy zipper to keep his Macbook securely in place and a felt inner lining and a hidden fleece sandwich in between, to give it extra padding.

The best part about these Laptop Tubes is that it gives me a larger surface to unleash my creativity, unlike the Piccolo Pouch where I had to keep the overstitch design really simple.

I see many Laptop Tube's being created in the near future!

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