Sunday, October 18, 2009

Winter Knit.

Well it rained in Vancouver most of last week, which means the winter is coming. This is the time I miss Québec the most, not that I miss the cold but I will take snow anytime over rain. There is something magical about knitting by the fireplace looking out at the snow falling slowly to the ground, it's like time stops in this frozen land. So many knitting memories and good winter stories come to mind.

I'm finding new sock's books at the local library. If you are into sock's and love cable this is the best book for you. "Sock Innovation" is a fantastic book, it clearly explains the different techniques involve in making sock's. From cuff to toe options making it easy to design your own sock patterns.

For my first cable sock I decide to use one of the 15 designs included in the book. At first look it appears easy enough and I love the big cable running in the back.

Well it wasn't as easy as I thought, I had to redo it about three times to figure out the proper gauge to use for the yarn. I had to because I wanted to use my favorite sock needle #00. After looking at this picture I realize that using the variegated yarn does not show well the beautiful pattern. Oh well this is the yarn I have and it's still a good project for my busy hands!

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